Importance of grinding size

There are a lot of factors to consider when making the perfect cup of coffee, but for us, nothing is as relevant as grind size.

The grind size you use impacts the coffee taste once it comes into contact with water. How fine or how coarse the beans are ground affects how fast the water will pass through them, determining the strength of your coffee.

If your beans are ground coarsely, the water will move quickly between the pieces, extracting only some of the flavour. To get a full balance of flavour, it’s better to brew these grounds for a bit longer so more of the flavour is extracted. That’s why, for example, a French Press can take four minutes to get the perfect brew.

Finely ground beans mean the coffee grinds are, well, fine, and packed more closely. Water can take longer to pass through all the grounds and, as a result, extract more of the flavour. That’s why when you’re brewing espresso, you only need a fraction of the time you’d use with a French Press to get the full flavour of your coffee.