Gold Edition - Grand Cru - Microlot

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“The crème de la crème of Camila’s café” Limited editions custom made by Finca La Samaria in Antioquia, Colombia RATING SCA 86+ Single Origin, 100% Arabica from Finca La Samaria, Antioquia, Colombia. This coffee is an exclusive and limited edition from our coffee growers of La Samaria Farm. It is produced under unique conditions, sourcing the best tasting beans with a Natural coffee totally fermented and dried under shade, to obtain an intense and clean body with outstanding flavor notes of cherry, fruits, and dark chocolate. Origin : Micro-lot farm "Finca la Samaria" Altitude : 1'850 m.a.s.l. Region : Colombia, Antioquia Variety : 100 % Arabica, Caturra Tree Fragrance : Dark chocolate, red fruits Flavour : Dark chocolate, cherries Aftertaste : Fruity and medium Body: Intense and clean Processing : Natural, totally fermented, and dried under the shade. Roasting Level : Medium Remarks: It is a coffee known for its high intensity on the mouth, not fermented wine notes, but with remarkable red fruit attributes. Our limited edition is specially designed for true coffee lovers seeking unexplored flavors through exclusive travel towards new horizons.